Kwohtations Cards


 Photo credit: Ajai B. Photography

Photo credit: Ajai B. Photography

Janine is a 30-ish-year-old living and working between Brooklyn, NY and Somerville, MA.  She loves her friends but is distrustful of revolving doors, describes her personal style as rumpled-chic because she hates folding laundry, and misses receiving real mail.

During the work day, Janine is an Associate Partner at New Profit, a social innovation organization and venture philanthropy fund, where she provides support to a portfolio of amazing nonprofit organizations.  In the early mornings, late nights, and weekends, Janine moonlights as the owner / artist / one-person assembly line behind Kwohtations.  An insatiable people-watcher, she delights in finding the remarkable in the seemingly mundane, but often finds inspiration for Kwohtations cards by reflecting on her own amateur attempts at life.  


 Photo credit: Ajai B. Photography

Photo credit: Ajai B. Photography

The idea for Kwohtations, as with most ventures and ridiculous ideas in general, was seeded in the idle chatter between two friends over coffee on a lazy Sunday. My friend Amy and I were reminiscing and laughing over our assorted (mis)adventures, bumbling moments, and personal triumphs. Too bad they don’t make cards for all these random occasions, we said. Like when we get too drunk (it’s embarrassing) or have ambiguous feelings for someone (it's confusing) or decide to pursue our passions despite a myriad of pressures to do otherwise (it’s terrifying and exhilarating). Or for all the things we really think and sometimes want to say. 

Each of these cards is inspired by some funny incident or real conversation that we’ve had. It is the happy brainchild of our own propensity to apologize profusely and somewhat unnecessarily for little blunders, and conversely, to stumble into situations (bad haircuts, corporate jobs) where we would be the likely recipients of such condolences. We recognize that we don't all look and love the same (nor should we), and that we don’t have to accomplish something quote-unquote extraordinary to be someone truly special. Also, we can be pretty awkward in the way we tell someone we like them. 

So these cards are for all of us who aren’t 100% pulled together, but kind of like it that way. 


Each card is lovingly drawn by hand and carved into original hand-cut linoleum blocks, and then printed on an antique press, and finally painted in by hand. Due to the printing process, which is done entirely by hand, there will be slight variations from print to print, ensuring each card is one-of-a-kind. Like you.